Casino Limo Trips

Casino High Rollers Travel in Style – Luxury Casino Limo Trips

Limo-King is proud to be serve the Canada’s leading ‘high rollers’. Better known as the casino kings, we are here to offer luxury limo rides to the best casinos in Canada. You can play poker in some of the most exotic casinos and try your luck with a game of blackjack. Call our limos in Toronto and make an impression before the game even begins.

Casino Limousines – Win the Game before It Starts

When you make a grand entrance in one of our limos, you are sure to leave others in awe. Your competitors will be drooling on the floor to have a seat with you. Heck, even the casino player/mediator will be impressed. And who knows, our limos may prove to be lucky for you. But at the end of the day, you will be mighty impressed by the comfort of our limousines.

Arrive at the grand entrance of the casino in our grand limo. Leave the red carpet and stroll inside our limos to plush leather seats. You will never regret losing some dough in the casino once you travel home back in our limousines.

Win or Lose: Our Limos are Always the Winner

It does not matter whether you win or lose, when you walk out of the casino and slip into one of our luxury rides, nothing else matters. You will be pampered by the high end amenities that come standard in our fleet. Here are some of the features a good gambler will appreciate:

  • Drinks to lighten up the head
  • Mood lighting to relive some pressure before the game
  • Tinted windows to shut off the world outside and focus
  • Tables to practice a little game with buddies before the play.
  • Music system to soothe your senses
  • Uniformed chauffeur to make for a grand entrance

From Airport to Casino and Back: A True High Roller

We understand the time constraints of a high end roller. So, the moment you land at the airport, our chauffeur will be waiting for you. You will be whisked away from the traffic. Within minutes, you will be at your table playing with a bunch of exclusive rollers. Nothing matches the quality you get from swam limousines in Toronto.

Play with your Buddies right in the Limousine

Even if you are not a great player, you will still appreciate a quick game with your buddies right inside the car. We promise you that no drinks will slip on the cards as our advance limos handle great. Take a trip down to all the casinos in Toronto area with your gang. Even if its not about the cards, you will have a gala time in watch other’s company when the most luxurious limos in Toronto are ready to indulge with you.